Each Sunday we are blessed to have a special hour with the children! It is always wonderful to see them come excited and bring friends to share this time together. We begin our time in church with a thoughtful faith conversation with Pastor John. This past Sunday Pastor John shared about as a kid he remembered flash cards were an important tool used in school for learning math equations. And then tested us with many examples of what equals what. The last card held up stated GOD = LOVE. True or False.  That’s easy, right – always True! Then we went upstairs and thought about how we show love. The kids played a little charades how they express LOVE… hugs & kisses & hearts, written & spoken special words, cards & gifts, food & drink, family & marriage & babies, music & dancing, playing & laughter and church & praying.

Our kids are amazing and surely appreciate being here, sharing together in this safe place. They sense the warmth of family in the caring, loving adults who express love and patience and kindness. What an awesome responsibility God has given us to touch one another with His unfathomable love. May we serve with hands and hearts full of love… GOD is LOVE!

Please pray with our kids, their prayer requests are for friends & family, caring teachers & coaches and good health.

Blessings of God’s awesome love, oxo!


Lord of the loving heart,

may mine be loving too,
Lord of the gentle hands,
may mine be gentle too.
Lord of the willing feet,
may mine be willing too,
So may I grow more like you in all I say or do. 

(Prayer Collection, 1996)