Thank you to everyone who responded to our fall financial stewardship campaign.  Your faithfulness and generosity have been inspiring!  Our original goal was to have at least 50 pledging units by the end of the campaign.  As of this writing, we have a total of 62 households who have made a financial pledge to support the mission and ministry of our church for 2020!  Of these 62 pledges, 13 increased over last year, 12 decreased, 17 are new pledges and 20 remained the same.  In addition, for 2019 we budgeted $80,000 in pledges. For 2020 we already have commitments for over $105,000!  This is a 30% increase over last year.  Praise God!! To everyone who has made a financial pledge and who supports our life together as the South Yarmouth United Methodist Church – THANK YOU.  We are in a good position to start the new year thanks to your faithfulness.