From the Pastor’s Desk – – Worship Services to Resume

The Church Council voted to begin in-person worship services this Sunday, June 7th.  It will be good to be able to be together again!  We will hold the service outside on the front lawn, weather permitting.  So bring a jacket, sunglasses, a hat and anything else that will make worshiping outdoors comfortable.   In addition, please bring your own chair.  If it is raining we will move the service indoors. 

The service will be different than usual, as we will continue to abide by certain guidelines. For example, people will need to sit six feet apart, unless they are with immediate family members.  There will be no choir.  There will be no “passing the plates” for our offering.  We have ordered individual, packaged “communion kits” we hope will be ready for Sunday.  If so, we will have communion.  If not, we will have to wait another week.  People will need to wear masks if we are indoors and are encouraged to do so outdoors as well.

If we move the service indoors, we will continue to space people out, which may mean people will need to sit in either the balcony or the Parish Hall (Café Church).  We will have hand-sanitizer available in multiple locations and we will have extra masks for people who may have forgotten to bring one.  The sanctuary, restrooms and high traffic areas will be disinfected before and after each service.  People will also be “dismissed” by the ushers at the conclusion of the service. 

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to worship outside on our front lawn.  It’s fortunate we are a congregation that is familiar with worshiping outside, especially during the summer months at our beach services.  Even before the pandemic hit during our house meetings last fall people mentioned we might want to hold some of our services outside on the front lawn.  Now we will be able to give this a try!

Even though we are starting in-person worship services again and beginning with outside worship, there may be some for whom it might still be best to wait awhile longer before joining with the congregation.  Please take the time you need.  You will know best when the time is right to join together for in-person worship again.  We will continue to record our services and make them available each week for viewing here on the website.

 It’s exciting that we are getting ready to start worshipping in person once again.  Thank you for your faithfulness during this difficult time.

 Continue to stay healthy and safe,

Pastor John

Annual Church Fair

Our annual church fair was originally planned for Saturday, July 18th.  Leaders of the fair have decided it would be best to postpone this event until the early fall.  The new date will be coming soon.  Many events are being cancelled or postponed on the Cape right now, especially in the early part of the summer.  In addition, last year when it was so hot, there was some conversation about possibly holding the fair in the fall when the weather was a bit cooler.  So, we’ll continue to have the fair, just when people are a little more ready to be out and when the weather will be pleasant for another great event. 

Historic Sanctuary Open for Prayer and Meditation

Our historic sanctuary will be open from Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. until 2 PM for prayer and meditation.  As you enter the sanctuary you also have an opportunity to write down any prayer requests you might have.  Pastor John will be lifting up these prayer requests each week during his own prayer time.  As we continue to deal with the concerns of COVID-19, it may be refreshing to spend a few moments in the comfort and familiarity of our beautiful worship space.  If someone else is in the sanctuary, sit in a place that offers each other plenty of space.  Stop by and spend some time in our wonderful sanctuary to offer thanks to God, to unburden your soul and to feel God’s comforting presence around you.  Please feel free to invite neighbors and friends to do so as well.

The Fishermen’s House Thrift Shop – Celebrating 40 years 1980 – 2020

Spring will soon become  summer and it looks like things are beginning to open up!  We are hoping to open the Thrift shop in the near future but as of this mailing we don’t have a specific date to give you. 

During the closing folks have still been busy!  The front of the Thrift shop building where pastor’s office is looks amazing!  I have continued to sell things out of the barn using the internet. We have sold quite a bit and the barn is looking pretty empty!  Have you been cleaning out your home during this stay at home time?  Do you have some pieces of furniture you would like to donate to the barn?  We are available to meet you — just call and arrange a time to drop off, or we can even pick up if it is impossible for you to bring to the shop. Please call Penny at 508-776-8797.  Connie and I will be meeting in the next week to set up a schedule of workers. We realize some may still choose not to work even with precautions in place,  so we will be looking for folks who are ready and anxious to help us.  Again, please call Connie or Penny if you can help.    Here are two items available for sale now:

An adorable old wash stand that has been refinished and painted white with a towel bar on either side. Only $45; and a tea cart with leaves and drop leaves that open to make a lovely table to serve when you wheel it out to the patio! Again, only $45.

Work Is Finished On Our Historic Fishermen’s House

The Fishermen’s House has turned out beautifully.

The Trustees would now like to form a “painting party” to scrape and paint a few areas and to put a finishing coat of paint on the new, primed pieces of wood that have been installed.  If you are interested in being part of the painting team, contact either Richard Snelley or call the Church Office.  A date will be set and we’ll join together to put the finishing touches on this great project.  When we are painting there will be plenty of space to practice responsible physical distancing.  It should be a fun time together.

As part of the wonderful work that has been done to restore and renew the Fishermen’s House, special thanks are in order for Al Boragine for refurbishing and  repainting the front “Fishermen’s House” sign, as well as Allan Broadhurst and Stanlee Wetzel for restoring and repainting the signs on the side and back. 

Sunday “Drive By” Church

A small group of SYUMC members have been gathering on Sunday mornings since Easter to visit with a few members and friends of our congregation each week.  These visits have often been a fun “surprise” for those we’ve seen.  We have all enjoyed this opportunity to connect some, to sing a hymn or two together and then share the love of God in Christ with each other.   We especially thank John and Sandy Duncan for this ministry idea as well as for developing our routes each week and navigating our way to the homes we visit.  Others who have joined consistently in this ministry are Jeanne Huseby, Lesa and David Dovell and Joy Mueller.  On one particular Sunday members of the choir joined with us to give Cheryl Kain a special birthday greeting.  We thank Eve Hoffman, Allan Broadhurst, Carol Cox and Paula Philips for joining with us on that day!

Beach Services for 2020

On the last Sunday of this month, June 28th we are scheduled to begin our beach services.  Whether or not we will be able to do so is another question.  We are awaiting the answer from the Town of Yarmouth.  If we do start up the services, we will probably also need to observe certain practices like physical distancing in order to ensure people’s health and safety.  If we get the “green light” from the town, we will have our beach services.   We’ll use our telephone chain to let people know either way when things become clearer.  Let’s hope we can “gather at the river”  again and enjoy our services at the mouth of Bass River at 7:30 AM from June 28th through Sunday, September 6th.     

Worship Services Will Continue to be Recorded

Even though we are starting in-person worship services again and beginning with outside worship, there may be some for whom it might still be best to wait awhile longer before joining with the congregation.  Please take the time you need.  You will know best when the time is right to join together for in-person worship again.  We will continue to record our services and make them available each week for viewing here on our congregation’s website.

Thank You for your Faithfulness

Because of your faithfulness, we have been able to continue to pay our staff during this difficult health and economic crises.  We are grateful to everyone who has mailed in or dropped off your pledge envelopes and financial gifts to the church office.  Some have paid their financial commitments in advance, even giving for the entire year just to help us get through this fiscally “tight” time, thank you!  Please continue to remember your church in this way.  Every gift counts and makes a difference.  Because of your faithfulness, the South Yarmouth United Methodist Church is able to continue to be a beacon of hope in our community and offer a very important witness during these challenging times.  God Bless!

Email Update

If you have not been receiving the weekly update email letters from Pastor John and would like to receive them, please call the church office and let us know.  If you are not receiving them it may be because we don’t have your email address or perhaps we have the wrong one.  We would be happy to add your email to our weekly distribution list. Another reason could be the letter went into your ‘spam’ folder.   You might want to check.  These updates are a nice way for us to stay ‘connected’ during these times and important pastoral care information is often shared in them.  Thank you.

Knitters Wanted

SYUMC needs baby blankets for baptisms.  What a great way to pass away the hours of sheltering at home by knitting a blanket for a baby that will always be cherished. Do any pattern you like. 

Thank you so much, The Ladies Knitting Group