Last fall members and friends of our congregation met in a series of house meetings.  During these meetings we reflected on a couple questions about our church life.  Sixty-two different people participated in these conversations and shared some wonderful insights.  After these conversations were completed, a group of leaders looked at all the ideas that were shared.  From these notes a list of potential priorities was developed.  This list of priorities was shared with our Church Council in January and then presented during a congregational meeting after worship on Sunday, February 16th.  The following priorities were endorsed and approved:

Building Our Congregation’s Connections

Building Our Community Connections

Continuing to Focus on Children, Youth and Young Adults

Building Our Connections with Senior Adults

Supporting Efforts to Address Housing Issues on Cape Cod

We were just starting to get organized in order to address some of these priorities when the pandemic hit.  In many respects, things have been “on hold” since in regards to intentionally moving forward with these priorities. 

Now more than ever, these priorities feel very important, especially building our connections with senior adults.  While we have resumed in-person worship services again, we are still limited in the ways we are able to be together.  A number of people are not yet comfortable or safe joining for worship.  Fellowship opportunities are limited.  During this time of “sheltering in place” and “social distancing,” the challenges of feeling isolated and “cut-off” can be even greater.

So, if you have an interest in being part of a team who will reach out to some of our senior and/or shut-in members to see if there are specific things they might need or would appreciate please contact Pastor John.  We will do this outreach in appropriate and responsible ways, but as it is clear that COVID 19 will continue to be with us for a while, it seems we need to move forward on all our  priorities. If you feel God might be encouraging you to be part of a team like this, someone who will call, listen to and help advocate for some of our senior or shut-in members, please send Pastor John a quick email. 

Thank you.