On Sunday, March 22nd, Mark Anschutz will be offering a brief presentation about the organization “Friends of Bass River” during worship and then a more in depth presentation with time for questions afterward in the Parish Hall.  The Friends of Bass River is a grassroots organization working towards initiating common-sense, economically feasible solutions to the challenges facing the Bass River and its watershed.

People have been deeply blessed by the Bass River for centuries.  The Pawkunnawkut Indians occupied both sides of Bass River near South Yarmouth and South Dennis for years because of all it had to offer the people.  English settlers came in the 1600s and followed their example.  It wouldn’t be long before schooners and packet ships with loads of coal, lumber, food and even mail for Cape residents were present in the River. 

Bass River has continued to be an important resource to our community for fishing, sailing, clamming, swimming, kayaking, boating, other forms of recreation and simply for its stunning natural beauty.  Every summer for years  now our congregation has enjoyed worshipping at the mouth of this precious river.  We know how important it is to our community.

The problem is Bass River is in trouble.  There is far too much nitrogen in the river.  Excess nitrogen degrades water quality making the river unlivable for aquatic life.  Silt is choking the river, there continues to be problems with periodic waste being discharged into the river and of course trash left behind at beaches, tossed overboard by boaters or on roadways also endangers wildlife and degrades the quality of the water.

Be sure to hear about what Friends of Bass River is doing to help educate the public about this important issue, collaborate with others to increase access to boat pump-out facilities and to preserve the river’s vitality.  Everyone has a role to play in being stewards of this incredible natural resource so it can continue to be a deep blessing and be enjoyed for generations to come.