After worship on Sunday, February 16th, members and friends of SYUMC gathered in the Parish Hall for a wonderful pot-luck lunch.  We are grateful to all who brought in a dish to share, as well as those who worked with Connie Swedlund to warm up different dishes and have them ready for us after worship. 

When the meal was finished we participated in a power-point presentation regarding what was shared during the House Meeting Campaign this past fall.  Our Lay Leader, Howard Heaton, worked with Pastor John to make this presentation possible for all to see and appreciate. 

After the presentation, we had a fun time enjoying some karaoke.  We thank Cookie and Buzz Barry for letting us borrow their karaoke machine, as well as Cambie Cassanelli and her son Bryson for helping with some of the logistics.  We are grateful to Eve Hoffman for her creative poster, John Duncan who led us off with the singing, as well as “Cheryl and the Angels,” and all who led us in song!  

There are a few important pieces to take away from the House Meeting presentation.  First, Pastor John pointed out that there were a number of things affirmed by those who participated in the meetings.  These are ministries people feel good about and reflect some of our congregation’s strengths:
· Our Worship Services
· The Thrift Shop
· The Caring Card Ministry
· The Involvement of Children and Youth in our congregation
· The Beach Services

In addition a few themes came up over and over again in the house meetings.  The group present on the 16th recommended we make these themes priorities for our life together in the days ahead:
· Building Our Congregation’s Connections
· Building Our Community Connections
· Continuing to Focus on Children, Youth and Youth Adults
· Building Our Connections with Senior Adults
· Supporting Efforts to Address Housing on the Cape

There is much more that came from the House Meetings, but these priorities are significant and will help guide our congregation in the future.   We will now be creatively thinking about practical ways we can involve each other in these different areas of ministry, so that we can continue to strengthen both our congregation and our congregation’s witness in the larger community.  Stay tuned!