Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew is one of the most important sections of scripture.  It contains a collection of very significant teachings of Jesus.  This nine-week study led by Pastor John will hopefully help us all more fully appreciate this wisdom of Jesus, and how his words are meant to show us more clearly what it means to live as children of God.

The first session will begin on Tuesday, February 27th, and continue through Tuesday April 16th.  An in-person class will be offered at 12:30 PM in the Parish Hall, and an online on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM.  All are welcome to participate.  Please sign up ahead of time in the Parish Hall or contact Pastor John via email if you’d like to participate.  The schedule for the classes is listed below.

Tuesday February 27th The Beatitudes                                                Matthew 5:1-12

Tuesday, March 5th                  “The Chosen’s” Interpretation                        Video

Tuesday, March 12th                Salt, Light, and the Law                                  Matthew 5:13-20

Tuesday, March 19th                You Have Heard that It Was Said.                 Matthew 5:21-37

Tuesday, March 26th                But I Say to You!                                              Matthew 5:38-48

Tuesday, April 2nd                    Practicing Piety                                               Matthew 6:1-18

Tuesday, April 9th                     Possessions and Trusting God                       Matthew 6:19-34

Tuesday, April 16th                   Judgment, and the Narrow Way                    Matthew 7:1-14

Tuesday, April 23rd                   In Conclusion                                                   Matthew 7:15-28