What a wondrous and meaningful season is upon us, a feast of gratitude, lights and much music.  Our choir has blossomed from eight to twelve singers to now and still counting! I want to personally invite you to consider joining us in choir on any Sunday.  Singing sounds lovely, yes, but it also makes us feel good.  Research shows that singing – whether in the shower, car or in a choir –  decreases stress and anxiety and increases feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. If the holiday season finds you less than celebratory, consider joining us for a Sunday during Advent. You don’t have to do it perfectly! In fact, just showing up before the service at 9:00 is the only criteria.  Here are some musical festivities to get you excited:

December 8: Right after church service, join us for some soup and then Christmas caroling! We’ll canvas the neighborhood as well as add our voices to a retirement home. All that’s needed from you is to dress warmly and a love of Christmas carols. I’ll bring some portable caroling sheets so no music memorization necessary!

December 22: Our regular church service will be filled with extra special music from the choir, including solos, duets, a trio and maybe a bass or a cello! It will be a surprise. Please don’t miss this expression of worship from our beautiful choir, who is rehearsing as we speak. For those who may be expecting a “blue” Christmas, be it from loss, or just not so cheery a year, our choir has a special song that speaks to loneliness and loss but also gives a gentle message of Hope.

Christmas Eve, December 24: 6:00 p.m. service includes our children’s pageant (plus musical surprise!).  The 8:00 p.m. service is more contemplative, musically but get ready for a jazz Christmas song or two.

I hope to see you very soon. Thank you for your consistent support of the music and your wonderful welcoming that continues to amaze me.

Cheryl Kain, Minister of Music