Our Super Sale was a fantastic success!! God gave us perfect weather albeit a little windy but sunny and brisk!  Sale items were spread from the front lawn back to our barn,  so there was lots of room for social distancing.  So many hard working volunteers helped set up and then stayed to work and help clean up! This sale was an amazing group effort, thank you to EVERYONE! Connie and I couldn’t have pulled this off without each and every one of you!  Together we raised close to $1,900 to support the mission and  ministry of our congregation.     Thanks seems not enough say, we sincerely appreciate your help, thank you all!

Furniture Barn Volunteers Needed!

We cleaned out a lot of old merchandise from the Barn at the Super Sale,  but we  have already made 3 pickups with new items!! The Barn has become a big draw for our Thrift Shop and we are looking for a few good folks to commit to one day a month to help work in the shop. Right now we have three days a month that are not covered and many weeks we have to just keep the Barn closed on those days.  Two folks working together really works well! Husband and wife, Two ladies , Maybe some grandkids?? Please, please, please consider sharing your time with us! 

 Christmas at the Thrift Shop

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner! Our Christmas room will open the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it is only the beginning of fall!  We have been storing up a lot of Christmas inventory and are looking for some folks to help sort and mark these items one day a week in October and November. Right now we are thinking Wednesday, but any evening might work better for some.  Please let Penny know if you have some time here in October to start getting this exciting event underway!