The Thrift Shop has reopened with a bang bringing in almost $800 in two days!  We are now trying to work a full week schedule with the shop open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the Barn open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to  2 p.m.   We are still desperate for workers for both the Shop and the Barn!  We also have a need for someone to be in charge of the clothing as it comes in to sort for our shop and then price and put on hangers, or to pass on to Salvation Army.  Several folks working together make this a fun job. This can be done on your time schedule.  Please contact Connie if you would be interested.

We had a great team last weekend to make a pick up of items from an Estate Sale and we have been told to be on call for more pick-ups in the near future. This again is a fun day with lots of laughs along the way.  Come join our gang of pickers! Talk to Penny at 508-776-8797 to be put on our list.  Please think about where you might help — this is such a big part of our church budget and many hands makes light work.

Thrift Shop has a new face lift — new signs, new paint!  Thanks for all who made that happen!!

The Trustees of our church approved much needed work to be done to the front and side of this wonderful building. People have come out to care for the planters around the building as well as scrape and paint the trim.  We especially thank Jeanne Huseby, Cambi Cassanelli, Joy Mueller, Paula Phillips and Deborah Mitsis for making the gardens and planters around the Fishermen’s House look so nice.  We thank David Dickey for cutting the grass in front of the Fishermen’s house on a regular basis.  We also thank Richard Snelley for organizing the painting group for the property, along with those who gave time to do this work; Jeanne Huseby, Al Boragine, Paul Phillips, Joy Mueller and Penny Bach.  Finally, we thank those who have restored or in some cases remade some of the signs for the Fishermen’s House Thrift Shop.  Al Boragine, Allan Broadhurst and Stanlee Wetzel have all offered their time and talent in this way.  The work everyone has been doing is making things look great!   

Thank you, two little words that have such a big meaning.  Thank you to Pastor Mueller and Joy for their love and support of Fishermen’s House and their willingness to step in whenever help is needed.  Thank you to Wendy who makes up signs at a moments notice and for her patience when we ask to put something in the bulletin or Steeple at the very last moment. Thank you to everyone whose hard work made it possible to open when we did. Thank you to the folks who are responsible for the work done to the front of the building, to the scrappers and painters.  Thank you to Allen Broadhurst for all his wonderful work on the Fishermen’s House signs. Thank you to the folks who mow the lawns, weed and mulch the gardens.  They look beautiful and there is more to come.did.   Thank you to Penny Bach for her great work in the barn and putting together a team for an estate sale pick up, the life’s blood of our little shop.  Although we are living in unusual times, this is our fortieth year and I think we are off to a great start!

Thank you all,

Connie Swedlund