As SYUMC continues to strive to welcome everyone and let all know that they have a place here within our community of faith, the Membership, Shepherding and Fellowship Committee has come up with another creative idea.  We now have mugs that will be handed out at each worship service to all people joining with us for worship for the first time. This simple gift is a way of showing our visitors that we appreciate them and hope that we will see them again. Additional information about our congregation will be included with each mug.  

We hope that, not only through the receiving of these special cups, but by the love, warmth and welcome all our visitors receive here at SYUMC, those who visit with us will gladly return once again to be filled by the Spirit of the living God.  

We thank Cookie Barry, Ruby Ackert-Herzig, Kali Jennings (who also designed our new website!) and all the members of the Membership, Shepherding and Fellowship Committee for their work on this project!    Be sure to check out the mugs on Rally Day, September 8th!   We have plenty of mugs and they’re available for a suggested donation of $5.00 should you wish to have one.