One of the priorities to come out of our house meetings last year was to strengthen the connections we have with each other.  A great tool to help us do this is an updated, pictorial, church directory.  It has been a number of years since our last directory was made.  This time we will be creating and printing our directories “in house!”  This will enable us to keep our directory current, include more people in it and make the directory more accessible to everyone. 

During the month of November we are encouraging every member and friend of SYUMC to either have their picture taken before or after worship, have someone stop by their house to take a picture of them, or to submit a photograph of yourself that we can include in this new directory.

We have a good group of people from our congregation working on this project, including some  who may call you to make sure your contact information is correct, as well as excellent photographers who have offered their talents to support this initiative.  Because we are making this directory “in house” if you would like you can email a photo of yourself or your family to Hopefully we’ll have the new directories available, both on-line and hard copies, by the beginning of the new year!