We give thanks for our very successful summer beach services this year.  Worship attendance at these services ranged from 41 to 89 people on any given Sunday.  We extend our thanks to all those who helped make these services possible.  We especially thank Cookie Barry for joyfully greeting people at every single service.  We thank Howard Heaton, Lesa Dovell, Carol and David Beauchamp, Cheryl Kain and all who helped get equipment to the beach and the sound system ready to go for our services.  Every Sunday a number of people also “pitch in” and help pack up the equipment to get it ready for the 10 AM service.   We thank Allan Broadhurst for leading worship on August 9th when Pastor John was away.  Thank you all!

We will be going back to one service at 10 AM on Sunday, September 13th.  We will continue to hold the service outside on the front lawn if it is not raining.  So, feel free to bring your own chair, a hat, coat, blanket, sunglasses or whatever will help you feel more comfortable.  While we are still in the midst of this pandemic, we will continue to practice physical distancing, offer masks to those who would like one, have hand sanitizing stations available and maintain the changes we’ve made to our order of worship so people can stay healthy and safe.

Remember we have also set aside a few parking spaces next to the front lawn for people who would like to participate in the service but remain in their cars.  If it rains, we will move the service indoors and everyone in attendance will need to wear a mask.  We have roped off certain pews in order to practice physical distancing and people will be dismissed at the end of the service. 

We will certainly continue to record our worship services.  They can be viewed from the comfort and safety of your home by going to www.syumc.org.  Usually these services are available on our congregation’s website by early Monday afternoon.   We are also exploring the possibility of “live-streaming” our services on Sunday morning, so those who are watching from home can participate in worship with the rest of the congregation in “real time.” 

 We especially thank Deb Hanson, Howard Heaton, Cheryl Kain, Paul Honigsblum and Wendy Perry for making our on-line services available for everyone each week