Many thanks to all who volunteered this past year at the Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn.  Thank you also to those who helped with pick-ups, with our Spring and Fall Super Sales, and the Christmas Room.  We had an amazing year in 2021, more than doubling what we brought in last year!  All these funds go to support the mission and ministry of our congregation.  The success of the Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn helps ensure the long-term stability of our congregation.  In addition, it provides quality clothing, household items and furniture at very reasonable prices to people in our community.  Finally, supporting the Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn is also environmentally wise.  See the article below for more information.   A special thank you goes out to Connie Swedlund, the leader of the Thrift Shop and Penny (and Bob) Bach, leaders of the Furniture Barn.  Congratulations to everyone!  The Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn are closed this month but will re-open for 2022 in February.

When an item is purchased at the South Yarmouth United Methodist Church’s Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn people are helping themselves, helping others, and helping the environment!

Of course, when one shops at the SYUMC Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn patrons are receiving high quality furniture, household items, and clothes at very reasonable prices.  In addition, the funds from every purchase goes directly to support the ministry and mission of the South Yarmouth United Methodist Church.  But think about it, there is so much more happening as well!

Shopping here lowers the impact of the things we consume as we are reusing things that have already been produced and diverting items from landfills.  For example, shopping at the South Yarmouth Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn…

…is less wasteful:  It has been estimated Americans discard more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings each year, 80% of which ends up in the landfill.

…will help prevent deforestation:  Buying new items made from wood means cutting down more trees which also contributes to biodiversity loss and soil erosion.

…limits plastic production:  More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year, harming ecosystems, animals, and humans.

…limits carbon emissions:  Transporting goods around the world by plane, boat or truck emits tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

…helps us save water.  The production of new things requires us to use huge quantities of water.   Buying second-hand indirectly saves water.

…helps us save energy.  To produce material goods, we need a lot of energy to operate machines and factories.

…reduces the demand from the packaging industry.  When new things are produced, they are almost always wrapped in packaging.  When buying second-hand we usually don’t have any packaging, which reduces waste.

Thank you all for shopping at the Thrift Shop and Furniture Barn and by doing so, better caring for the earth.