Our final evening together for the summer ministry called “Wednesdays by the Water, Going Deep with God” was held on Wednesday, August 25th.    We gathered at the Packet Landing Park in South Yarmouth on Bass River and learned about Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River.  It was a fun time for all.  A special treat was an ice cream “truck” that Joanna Lovely provided for our final time together.  Be sure to check out the pictures  below.  A special thanks go out to all who made this ministry possible, especially Valerie Jansson, Joanna Lovely, Emily Earl, Rebecca Renaud, Joy Mueller, and our youth helpers Joshua Lovely, Onyx Lovely, and Alexis Gregoire.  If you would like to hear a little bit more about this ministry, be sure to attend worship on September 19th, when the children and adults who participated will share some songs and highlights.